Anti Virus & Anti Spyware for your IT System

Anti Virus is an essential piece of software with the threat of virii growing each day. If you suspect your PC is infected please remove any internet access from the machine, and turn off the computer - as continued usage may lead to damage to both your data and your company's reputation. Then call us and we will ensure any virii or infection is removed, and prevnted from re-infecting, before allowing you to continue.

Spyware results in potential security breaches within your system, and generally reduces productivity drastically, leaving your PC unusable. Protection, in the form of both curative and preventative software is a must. If your PC has already been affected, or if you would pro-actively like to prevent infection, please call for a quotation.

In a server environment both can be centrally installed, administered and reported by using combined anti-virus and anti-spyware software, protecting file servers, mail servers and workstations - and most importantly your investment.

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