Here we showcase the Internet Projects we have recently undertaken:

ETC Estate Agents, Formby

Brief : To work hand in hand with external estate agency powering software to show the company's properties to a wroldwide audience.


Bookies Enemy

Brief : To advertise a statistic-centred turf-investment opportunity by using elegant curves and sophisticated imagary.


EU Dedicated Transport

Brief : Site to convey professional, European image [ we used .eu.com domain ] of company. Utilise database to let clients know where a trailer or truck was, to be filled on return. Updateable by staff.



Brief : Create a Content Managment System powered site to display art and animation created by new and exciting artists / animators.
Powered by a Concept designed Database Management System, the Artistop staff can add, amend and delete artists / animators, their characters, and their art / animations.


Miltons Diamonds

Brief : An on-line resource for the previous and future customers of Eric G Milton Jewellers in Merseyside.
The site contains hundreds of different diamonds and diamond products available to purchase using the site's 'Web Voucher' system. There is also a unique 'Setting Viewer' section, where the visitor can visualise their settings with the available diamonds set into them. Powered by a content management system, designed by Concept IT Consultancy, the Eric G Milton staff can add, amend and delete products and diamonds to keep the data current.

Redgate Rovers Football Club

Brief : A source of information for the many ex-players and friends world-wide, along with a central communication centre for the players and back-room staff. Powered by a content management system, designed by Concept IT Consultancy for maintainace of the site by the appointed administration staff.


University of Central Lancashire's Business Services

Brief : Accessible site to Level 3 WCAG. Nine different areas to be constructed using differing identities [we chose colour]. Site updateable by staff.


University of Central Lancashire's Lancashire Business School [ LBS ]

Brief : Accessible site to Level 3 WCAG. A large site acting as a source of information relating to one of the six faculties of the University of Central Lancashire. This was our largest project to date. Site updateable by staff.

University of Central Lancashire's Year 3 Placements

Brief : Accessible site to Level 3 WCAG. A seperate section of the Business School which had to be completed earlier than the overall site, so featured the same navigation system with a slight change of colours. Site updateable by staff.

Sefton Building Company

Brief : Create a company image along with a comprehensive site. The site must allow the client to contact Sefton using a database which stores the information, and emails

University of Central Lancashire's Finance and Buying Department [ FABS ]

Brief : Accessible site to Level 3 WCAG. Create a simple site mainly to be used within the University, to convey imformation. Site updateable by staff.


Lamont Casting

Brief : To inform the user of the role of Lamont Casting, and the latest news at the Agency. To act as an online marketing tool to Casting Directors and other TV personnel.


Timezone 2000

Brief : Create an portal to an international twinning project. Allow the children from both the North West of England and the Florida region of the United States communicate with each other inexpensively (by provision of email systems) and effectively due to the time difference. Display at all times the importance of the time capsule.

http://www.timezone2000.com --> time limited --> no longer live

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