IT Maintenance Aggreements - Hardware, Software & Infrastructure

Concept have a range of clients for whom we monitor systems, ensuring maximum avaiability of their hardware and software, and are constantly on standby to assist them in running their businesses. We are on call 24/7 for any issues which can naturally arise within IT - from power issues to data loss to advice.

Our maintenance service is designed to be flexible so we can adapt to the individual needs of your company. We offer maintenance at many levels ranging from single PC businesses to networked systems including servers and workstations, hardwired and wireless telephones, IP phones, printers and scanners. Combined with our consultancy services, we can create a package tailored to your IT needs both for now, tommorow and the distant future.

As each IT maintenance package is completey unique, please call us for a quotation for protecting your business from IT failiures.

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