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Design Ethos

Your web site is a large investment. With all investments results are indicative of the product. Our products are aimed squarely at the user, and we design and build sites from the user's perspective.

Pricing Guide - Creation of a site - *Warning* *Ballpark Figures Approaching*

A small corporate site with between five and ten 'pages' would cost around £600. This kind of site is good for your company brochure, along with a customer order form, and a mailing list.
A larger corporate site of between £1000 and £5000 may have a content management system controlling it. The client would receive training in how to manage the site once completed, e.g. addition of new news items, new products/services etc.
An e-commerce site would be the exception. As all e-commerce systems are completely unique, a price would be given after consultation.
As already stated, all projects are as individual as the person/company who presents it. Contact us to realise the potential.

Pricing and Pitching Policy

As each project we undertake is completely different, it is not generally applicable to say your site will cost £x. After an initial meeting, we will retreat and work out a price and project plan based on your brief.
This will then be put to you, and when you are happy we can commence.
We work on an open pricing policy - we present all figures to you and await your approval - there will be no hidden costs.

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